Serial Prizes

A Grimkid Saga in the Pre-Apocalyptic Living Room
Start making dungeons out of your favorite books!
Feudal Japan inspired hack of Cairn and Into the Odd
Generate a dungeon one word at a time.
One page solo feudal Japan Cairn/Into the Odd hack
A Grimdad Saga in the Pre-Apocalyptic Suburbs
A Grimdad Saga in a Pre-Apocalyptic Amusement Park
You've eaten their cereal. Now defeat them in battle.
​Start making space stations out of your favorite books!
A solo AI and Hex Crawling supplement for The Mecha Hack
It's real! You can prove it! It's all right here in this book!


Dark Fort/Mork Borg Designs

Let’s Jam

Submissions to itch game jams.

Second Guess Games Designs

Designs for Other People's Toys